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Participating in the BioPortal Network:

  1. You do not need any account as anonymous users can do a lot of things here.
  2.  Create an account on any of Bioportal bio-domains. (Biodomain list is found in It is very easy to create a BioWiki login account. It is essentially the same as Mediawiki.
  3. Starts or modify relevant Bio- or -Omics domains.

Bioportal's activity includes all kind of information acquisition, processing and utilization for bio-community.


These include: starting lab home pages, listing lab recipes, setting up biological DBs, reviewing wiki pages, sharing tutorials, sharing course materials, putting reviews on research papers, providing/making FAQ sites, linking various Bio-domains to each other.


How to use Bio and Omics sites?

Editing BioWiki based sites is easy.  No registration is required although it will be useful for you to track your writings and to be notified of updates via email after a very simple registration.

The information and materials of any Bio- and Omics sites under BioLicense are guaranteed to remain free.

Users are welcome to cite material from the wiki sites. Commercial users are also welcome to put their advertisement their products, materials and useful information.

BioFoundation has been proposing openfree Bio- and -Omics sites for easier and freer exchange of biological data, information and knowledge since 1995.


Why use Openfree Hypertext (such as Biowiki)?

Openfree Hypertext system such as this Biowiki and some blogs are a convenient way of storing data, notes, images and links about any aspect of biology.

You can choose to be notified by email of any change in the Biowiki, so it acts as an Internet forum where the information given by different people can be refined, merged and revised, resulting in coherent databases and tutorials.

The stored data are archived and can not be lost by accidents or vandalism.

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