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Bioinformatics Services 

National Bio-domains: Look up for biological information for each country.

Patome : Patented Biological Sequence Database
tfExplorer: Transcription Factor Explorer server 
Repeatome Repeat sequences DB 
Marine BioBase 
WITA : Transcription factor binding sites Analysis
Biopedia: Openfree Biological Encyclopedia
Birdpedia: Openfree Bird Encyclopedia 
Fishpedia: Openfree Fish Encyclopedia
BioCourse: Openfree Bioinformation/biology course materials and sites
BioCorea: Openfree Biological directory for Korea
BioPeople: Openfree Biological Researcher Directory
BioDictionary: Openfree Biology Dictionary



Bioinformatics departments and centers




Bio meetings, Seminars, lectures and conferences

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Medical School and Medical Library Sites
Biotech, Computer-related Commercial Sites, and Electronic Publishing
  • BIO Online List of Research and Academic Sites�UNIQb7d41ab1c783919-!---00000002-QINU��UNIQb7d41ab1c783919-!---00000003-QINU�
  • BioMedNet
  • BioSpace Home Page -- "Our goal is to connect you to the people, companies and resources you need to make effective decisions in this rapidly changing industry. Our vision is to make BioSpace an indispensable resource for decision makers in the biotech industry. Our commitment is to make this space fresh, timely, comprehensive - and fun! "
  • The Public-Access Computer System Review
Microscopy , 3D-Reconstruction, and Medical Imaging

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